McLaren Medical has been involved in providing training and education in the field of respiratory care since the company’s beginning. We believed that our credibility as a specialised supplier would depend on our ability to pass on our knowledge and experience in lung function.


doc Infection Control 26kb

doc Spirometer Calibration 21kb

doc Spirometry Basic Techniques for Testing 24kb

doc Spirometry Predicted Values 20kb

doc Reproducibility what it means and why it is necessary 24kb


  • Christchurch Spirometry Course.
    Maureen Swanney.
    Respiratory Physiology Laboratory.
    Christcurch Hospital.
  • Spriometry Competency Course.
    Kevin Ellyett.
    Respiratory Measurement Laboratory.
    Green Lane Hospital.


  • GOLD Pocket Guide to COPD Diagnosis, Management and Prevention.
    (Click on Gold Docs and Resources then click Pocket guides)
  • Lung Function Tests.
    A guide to their interpretation.
    William Kinnear.
    ISBN 1-897676-80-8
  • The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand.
    Spirometry for the professionals.
    Maureen Swanney.
  • Sensible Spirometry
    The Journal of Respiratory Care Practioners June 2002.
    Thomas L. Petty.


doc Nebulisation 34kb


A Guide to ECG Patterns
Christian Lange and Morley Davies.
Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. In association with Blue Sensor.
(Available as hard copy from McLaren Medical)

Sources of Interference on an ECG trace
A practical guide for trouble shooting during ECG recordings.
In association with Blue Sensor.
(Available as hard copy from McLaren Medical)